What is mediation?

Successful mediation should have two winners and no losers in the end. My task is to create suitable conditions and lead you to victory. The mediator accompanies the participants in the mediation through a process aimed at concluding a mutually acceptable and binding agreement. In Slovak Republic, the mediation is primarily governed by Act no. 420/2004 Coll. on mediation.

The main benefits of mediation include speed, discretion, voluntariness, and lower financial costs compared to court costs. In mediation, the costs of mediation can be shared between the parties.

The mediator is impartial and independent.

The outcome of mediation should be reconciliation, an agreement on mediation that is a consensus of both parties. This agreement must be clearly formulated, comprehensible and practicable. The parties to the agreement are more likely to fulfill the terms of the mediation agreement than those set out in the court decision, as the dispute has been resolved under conditions set by the parties themselves and agreed.